through her eyes

I’m a little late to the party. Of celebrating International Women’s Day, that is. In studying Luke 13:10-17 today, God showed me the tenderness of the situation of the severely bent-backed woman. I usually pay attention to the disagreement between Jesus and his opponents, so this was really moving to sit and stew in, to see what compassion Jesus had for the woman. What Jesus did to free sufferers is the ultimate world revolution to me. It trumps all feminist movements, by far, in history. Ever.Read More »


Muir In My Ear

in my description box i put: “dreamer by day, owl by night” yet now close to the midnight hour i’m doing some day-dreaming. i imagine myself traipsing up some mountains, imagining how it’ll do me lots of good. this city and its sharp edges throw me off every now and again don’t get me wrong, i […]


Today I received a notification of a very special day. The moment: “Happy anniversary!” with a ding! something from inside the screen rings. I didn’t know I was married? For a moment I was taken in, the computer imitating life, sorry, no, the -live- sound of bells like the message on my screen imitates a kind of […]