on sc(rolling) in bed

So. I’ve caught a cold and the doctor has ordered lots of water, and lots of bed rest. I’m itching to get back to the office tomorrow because it’s been such a hiatus from work what with taking so much time off last week for the (amazing) World Assemblies of God conference that our country had the privilege of hosting, and I am ever so thankful for the opportunity to lead worship at. But for today, bed rest.

It takes a while for my mind to shut down. I’m an eager beaver, go-getter, sense-of-urgency, I-want-it-done-yesterday kind of girl. So in between waking and sleeping, I got some work done. But what I really want to confess is I also got to scrolling rather much on social media.

In the midst of that, I found old familiar voices creeping back in my head as I thumbed through Instagram feeds, FaceBook posts and Pinterest boards. Your life is less happening and less romantic than theirs. Your yoga pants don’t look half as pretty as hers and girl, she got better muscle definition than you. Your room looks amateurishly done up compared to her spotless, aesthetically winning apartment, and you’re still living with your parents. Your love life is non-existent while this cute couple shares a video of themselves writing and sealing wedding invites. 

Down a rabbit hole I went, until the Holy Spirit in mercy whispered, “Hey that’s enough surfing. Come away.”

Cease the information saturation. Stop the comparison marathon. Let my soul be content in that which the Lord has provided and the places He has me in. Let my heart make its boast in what the Lord has done in me and may that not require a single point of reference upon another person’s highlight reel.

Back to bed rest, and disciplining myself not to scroll while rolling in bed. I declare in Jesus’ name that this mind of mine does not need a mental vacation into the land of social media in order to unwind.


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