Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend! (19/3/2017)

Starting a new series. Totally inspired by Ann Voskamp’s “Multivitamins for your weekend” series. The internet is full of stuff. Why not collect and share the good stuff? I mean, really good stuff, like Philippians 4:8 kind of good stuff.

So here goes!


16996250_1107106679399375_4867493703836520059_nMy little friends Emma and Titus, the beautiful children of my long-time friends, captured in this playful moment by my other friend Gideon who’s a gifted photographer, and whose heart has been branded by God with a passion for families. His desire is to see families grow stronger and healthy bonds. His work at @growoldwithmesg is worth a web-surfing stopover, be sure to check it out 🙂


Y’all need to listen to this man Jason Upton. I especially love praying Matthew 6 through the lyrics of his song “Seek First

4 hours of light piano instrumental to accompany your work day.


One of my favourite authors, Annie F Downs, has an awesome podcast. Her book Looking For Lovely has had a profound impact on my life.


Gilbert Legrand’s fun and playful little sculpture art!


On my Pinterest. These veggies totally got your back.


God made a beautiful thing in little puppies. Now everybody say awww.


This will one day be my future. A family of my own, that is. Until then, I’m rejoicing in the beautiful moments that God is creating in families all over the world.


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