restless till I rest in You

I had to get four teeth extractions this past week, and that’s kept me to home rest pretty much Wednesday through to Friday. The doc says I need to get another two wisdom teeth extracted on Monday and that’ll land me with home rest for five days straight. 

The Lord is good. He is the giver of rest. I am so thankful that through the recent toothy turn of events, He’s essentially provided me with two weeks of downtime (although there’s still weekend ministry) just when I felt like I was bursting at the seams already. 

Tonight I’m lying in bed a little earlier. There are rehearsals tomorrow that I need to prep for but I’m leaving that to tomorrow. I’ll just find pockets of in-between time. I’m doing nothing right now, and I’m beginning to realise something: I don’t need to be constantly doing something for God to be close to Him. Here and now, when I’m doing absolutely nothing at all but just listen to the quiet, I feel Him close. 

Maybe this is the rest He wants me to learn again, before I scurry and hurry about to try and fix my spiritual dryness on my own. 

Good Shepherd of my soul, come guide and lead me home to Your heart. 

Our hearts are restless until they find rest in You. – St Augustine 


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