friyay recap: the week in (Instagram) pictures

It’s often said that a picture paints a thousand words right? Well, oh boy oh boy do I have stories to tell with the Instagram pictures from this past week!


A vignette of my day off:


At the end of the day, as I was reviewing the pictures I took (and marvelling at how smartphone apps have really turned us all into “pro” photographers in all filtered glory), it dawned on me that I live a very first-world life, so much so that a single vignette from my day shows a laptop, fancy mouse, coffee and hipster Muji aesthetics on my table. And I kid you not – I did not arrange the items for this shot. My table literally looks like that all the time. Hipsteresque, Tumblresque, Pinteresteque, and other what-have-you-esques. The fact that I get my own space to decide my own deco and have choices over what my own aesthetics are AND get to post them as an expression of my own personality/style is just so… luxurious. I ended the day at the beginning of my week feeling very privileged, blessed and thankful.


Surprise bouquet!

There’s a beautiful story behind this picture. When I arrived at work on Tuesday, I saw this dainty rose and baby’s breath bouquet tucked into my re-purposed biscuit tin can for a drumstick holder. It didn’t take long to find out who it was from, and I was so thankful to her for the nice gesture. Of course, I had to take a picture… and flowers are very Instagrammable, so win-win! But the part of the story I didn’t tell in the Instagram caption was that I had been making tiny prayers to God about flowers recently. You know tiny prayers? The kind that you utter under your breath and kinda toss aside because they’re really just small thoughts that go something like, “ahh how nice it would be if I could receive flowers from someone,” and you totally don’t expect anything out of it? Well, turns out God did hear that prayer, and took care to answer it!


Graduate student life be like:



You know that urban lingo phrase that describes Wednesdays as “hump days”? Yeah, for me it literally is the hump of the week to survive. I start my day heading off to work for a meeting first thing in the morning, and having back-to-back classes all the way till 10pm. All of that needs to be done with half my brain still multi-tasking with projects left at work so that I don’t become the bottleneck for tasks that I’m working with people on. But I get to study, and it’s all paid for because I have scholarship with the church I work at. How awesome is that?


Left behind, with friends:


My 11 going on 12-in-a-row worship leading streak landed me in the Emmaus hall, this time preparing to lead worship at the youth services to cover for everyone else who’s away at a leaders’ retreat this weekend. I lead worship so often that it’s dangerously become like second-nature, like routine. It’s hard to prepare thoroughly when I’m leading so often. I was mad rushing some work tasks before wolfing down dinner with two of my girls and then we headed to rehearsal. Also, I was bummed and had this thought going on repeat that I was part of the “remnant” while everyone else enjoyed their island weekend vacay. But I stepped into the Emmaus hall, and got distracted by the beautiful decor done up by the environments team a week prior. And quickly, my gripes dissolved when one by one, the team started pouring into the hall. I’m not alone in this, and there are fellow troopers. Also, during pre-rehearsal time, when I got everyone else to share how their week had been going, I was humbled to learn that some were in the midst of exams or pressing times, but yet we were all gathered here, ready to serve, ready to lead. Here’s us in our bubbles of our own lives, but here’s God too, the Grand Weaver, making all things beautiful in the big picture.


Double rainbow:


A serendipitous find. I have a habit of taking my dinner at the rooftop just next to our top floor office if I plan to work late, and I do so quite often. Over time I’ve grown a fascination for the magical daily 6.45pm, where the sun sets and the sky just turns into a breathtaking sweep of faded blues, pinks, and oranges. Tonight, particularly, doing just the same dinner routine, I spotted the faint outline of a rainbow forming. At just that very moment, God impressed upon my heart these words: I’ve been faithful to you, Sam, and will always be. Now, will you be faithful to me too? And I knew exactly what He was referring to. He wasn’t asking for payback. He’s challenging me to a season of a deeper walk. Of course, after soaking in the moment, being the people-person that I am, I ran into all the nearby rooms and excitedly called out to everyone, “COME see this beautiful double rainbow!” And we had a fit little rainbow party right there on the rooftop. Lots of photographs, selfies, wefies and videos ensued, you’re welcome. 🙂

* * *

When I stop to count my blessings, I find them in abundance and overflowing.

What about you? How has your week been?



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