when you get a fish bone stuck in your throat

2cm of a mackerel’s belly bone from this Japanese dinner that was oh-so-good earlier this evening took up residence in my throat for a good few hours. On the eve of worship leading. Needless to say, I panicked a bit.
When you get a fish bone stuck in your throat, text a bunch of your friends to pray. Also I texted one of my singer friends to please standby to lead worship tomorrow on my behalf in case the bone situation gets worse and I end up in the A&E.

It really felt like I was gonna have to make a trip there. Or some 24 hour clinic, at least. But I was not at all looking forward to having a doctor stick something down my throat to extract the bone. I have a sensitive gag reflex.

B from dinner texted that she was praying for me, that God would dislodge the bone. Meanwhile, as I sat and whined and shoo-ed my Dad who was nagging about how I’ve found myself in a terrible predicament, my sister came to my aid, preparing sticky cakes, salt water, warm water and basically anything we had at home listed on the ingredients list of online remedies.

Eventually the bone caused me to gag so much that it finally got dislodged out of my mouth through gagging. Both bone and I lived to tell the tale.

You can be sure I’m staying away from fish for a while. But that was from a most delicious mackerel that paired wonderfully with our beef sukiyaki dinner.

I kept the 2cm-long prick of a culprit taped to a small piece of black cardboard. To remind myself that in the midst of those miserably dramatic few hours of its tenure in my throat, when I prayed, “God let me be brave” so that I could continue doing something, anything, to be rid of this literal thorn in the flesh, He really answered my prayer quickly.

And now peace is restored to the night, and a blog post is born. Both my singer friend and I are relieved and can sleep easy.

When you get a fish bone stuck in your throat and it is eventually dislodged, without A&E, no doctor probing down your throat in the middle of the night and no blood involved, give thanks for a God who hears and answers prayers, my baby sister who babies me when I’m in need, and friends who pray along with me. Six more hours and I’ll be up on the stage as usual, leading worship.
When you get a fish bone stuck in your throat, remember to eat fish carefully in future.

My heart goes out to all toddlers who find themselves in such a situation. They’d need many doses of God-brave like I did tonight.


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