in my description box i put:
“dreamer by day, owl by night”
yet now close to the midnight hour
i’m doing some day-dreaming.
i imagine myself traipsing
up some mountains, imagining how
it’ll do me lots of good.

this city and its sharp edges
throw me off every now and again

don’t get me wrong,
i do like my lattes and cafes
and high-speed information forays
but i’m at adventurer at heart
it’s not an adventure if you’re stuck.
in one place. no movement. i’m restless.

for the outdoors,
i want to cross
borders, actually,
not virtually,
but on the contrary
right now, i feel aimless
navigating these city mazes,
digital grids and productivity chases
that i want to

fall off

for a little while, need
some fresh air
and by that i don’t mean the kind
that comes with relief
the haze from Indonesia
has not (yet) arrived this year.

scrolling my pinterest with
(how does it know my interests)
endless travel pictures,
and the famous John Muir
has his famous phrase
ringing in my ear:
the mountains are calling and i must go.
i must go away from here.



Nepal, 2013. Upper left: stopped to catch my shadow when I got lost, quite literally, eventually a tripper from my missions team found me but apparently not my sense of urgency/emergency; upper right: rice fields typical of the Nepal highlands; bottom left: steep drop-offs on narrow mountain roads meant the only thing between plunging in vans to our death and reaching our destination alive were skilled drivers; bottom right: I slept in zero degrees without a working heater in a mountain cottage and woke up at 5am for this sunrise. Also made a French-speaking friend who worked at the cottage there and happily practiced my dusty French for deux jours (two days).


Muir In My Ear


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